Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kreepalu's Protegé Busted!

File under: Gurubusting, Gurus Doin' Time and Hands Where They Don't Belong

Remember "Jagadguru" Kripalu Ji Maharaj, aka Kreepalu, the gopi-grabbing Krishna impersonator who skated rape charges in Trinidad/Tobago last year? His main man at his Texas temple, Prakashanand Saraswati, just got busted for the same sort of thing, but this time with underage girls:
A Hays County grand jury indicted Saraswati, also known as Shree Swamiji, on 20 counts of indecency with a child/sexual contact earlier this month. The investigation began last August.

According to the Associated Press, Saraswati is accused of groping two girls were under 17 on several occasions between 1993 and 1996.
Get ready for another barrage by the Kreepalu Kool-Aid Brigade, a sizable force of shallow-minded followers who are sure to flood the net shouting about an imagined anti-Hindu conspiracy, the better to distract you from the possibility that these rather creepy-looking old men may have been raping and molesting in the name of Krishna for years.


  1. I'm looking so forward to the truth about these two Hindu conmen coming out for the world to know -- they both have had a good scam going for far to long.

    You can bet the hard-core devotees will be calling foul, saying they have given their lives for others, have been doing so much charity, and other BS.

    What they've done is create smokescreens behind which they have copious amounts of sexual activity with women and underage girls under the banner of "gopi bhao"!! As if God would incarnate on earth to have sex with humans -- that's a good one Kreepalu and Pra-con-anand.

    More truth will be revealed soon!

  2. I will say that if girls of any age are willin to have sex with these two simple lookin stooges then there ought to be hope for even the likes of yours truly. If only I can get my mule cult goin a little stronger...!

  3. chuck , get on over to the GP frum and start proselytizing, you can't get girls if you don't advertise, go on! Preach like i know you can. How big is that Mule?

  4. Now you have embarassed me, yomamma!

  5. There are many more underage victims of this guru than the two women who have so bravely come forward. Other victims may not be as brave -- after all, sexual abuse is a crime that many people do not want to confess to: they often believe they are at fault. Plus, they just want to run from the memories, so they repress the trauma deep in their subconscious. Also, in this organization, they are made to believe an intimate touch of the guru is a "blessed divine act." It is particularly difficult in the Hindu community, where the families of young women may actually blame them. This also happens to Western women, as well.

    But victims should ask themselves this key question: Did I feel blessed when the guru touched me? Or did I feel horrified, ashamed, or disgusted?

    After years of suffering with their awful memories, these two brave souls said, "Enough is enough" and reported the child molestation to Hays County Sheriff’s office in San Marcos. It would be well worth the effort for other abuse victims to "have their day in court" too. Imagine how good it will feel to help ensure that this guy is no longer able to abuse any more children.

  6. ISDL really stands for International Society of Demonic Love. It is headed by two headed Demon: Creep-anand. It's prime objective is to swindle money and get free Sex from their devotees. Krishna in form of Law will smash the head of this monster

  7. The sex-for-spirituality MO is similar to Gregorian Bivolaru, Mihai Stoian and Swami Mahalayananda Saraswati who have been expelled from the International Yoga Federation

  8. Why did Sureshwari (Meera Devi) ex-president leave Barsana dham and ISDL/JKP? Also why did Gyaneshwari and Rajeshwari leave? We knew them once as preachers there, but they mysteriously vanished and no one would say why. People are talking about this. I saw two blogs under subject “85 year old Swami up on rape charges” 6/18/07 & 6/20/07 asking this same question, but they got no answers. Where did they go? Does any one know why JKP Barsana dham won’t say?

    The TV and newspapers say those two victims were groped when they were under 17 in 1993 to 1996. That is around the time these three preachers including Sureshwari (who left after 30 years according to that blog) were at Barsana dham. Perhaps they left because they know something ugly and inappropriate happens with young girls behind closed doors and they do not approve?

  9. >>>"I will say that if girls of any age are willin to have sex with these two simple lookin stooges then there ought to be hope for even the likes of yours truly. If only I can get my mule cult goin a little stronger...!"<<<

    Who needs a middleman? Why not go right to the Catherine the Great did.

    seen too much

  10. seen too much said...Why not go right to the mule...

    Cause Da Free Jack aint that kind of mule...nor am I!

    If this bastard had built his dham in Tyler, Texas instead of Austin he would likely have been rope drug by now! Amazin the difference a hundred miles can make!

  11. That picture of these two sleazy dudes speaks volumes. It's too bad the little one didn't tell his people about the tall greasy dude until 1999. Until then, he pretended he was the king of the world. Then one day, BAM -- "hey kids, you actually have a different spirit-daddy!" WTF! Why didn't those people start running for the hills and never look back?

  12. I see alot of nasty nasty comments based on hearsay and Gita Goel's comments were total lies.

  13. Sushma, i was once a devotee of this movement but always kept my distance, suspecting that it was a money making operation; I know now that it is just that. But I have also learned that there is something even more NASTY going on. Gita Goel is correct to highlight the fact that many senior member have left and we have had no explanation why. As Gita mentions Sureshwari's (Meera Devi) departure was a major talking point for all of us who liked her and believed she had a good heart and a desire to help others. Once again I am asking the question 'why did she leave?'.

    Two brave girls have come forward and I applaud them both; it must have been very difficult indeed. I hope that more will follow so that this organization will finally fall and the brainwashed devotees released to freedom as I and many have been. I'm only thankful that I never gave them any money and kept my distance. I believe that the cracks are about to get bigger and soon this nightmare will be over for all concerned.

    Finally I would love to hear from some more ex devotees as together we can be stronger and perhaps we can form a group or on-line community to discuss these events?

  14. Here we understand the fact that Kripalu Maharaj is not a saint or anything. He simply sells devotion for money and promises you a place in some place called Goloka for those poeple who are sick of this world. he says he can give you a special place if you give him sufficinet amount of money in the name of seva right now. Whether you talk about that world or this world, you remain a worldy person. All he does is that he expliotes your greed and wants you to fullfill his greed. He is a material craving man that's all, he is no saint. All I have to say to his followers is that what makes you believe that He can take you to that wonderful,utopian land. Well your maddess..

  15. well Kripalu's hard-core devotees can call us all fool. But they are only fooling themselves by getting very ready to be exploited by this con man. If some body has seen his photo of around 15 years ago you could know what I am talking. This man has gone over a complete make over in Bollywood style. His black teeths are all white and shining.What more, his face sines with fairness cream. he applies all importted stuff. And sells them at higher price to his devotess. After all his we are told he is micro lord Krishna who needs nothing.

    He is a con man. an impersonater. Good bussinesman knows how to collect and make huge money out of nothing. Out of nothing--God//


    Sushree Meera Devi, a sannyasini, explains, "The land of Braj,
    near Delhi, is the appearance place of Radha-Krishn and is a sacred place of pilgrimage.
    Wot! Meera Devi became Sureshwari Devi and is long gone from isdl and jkp. Now they are posting again in 2010 quoting her - desperate people...

  17. I am still searching for Sushri Sureshwari Devi formerly known as Meera Devi. If any of u have her contact details please mail on